Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Titan Man

**create a two paragraph portfolio post where you describe the artists work, why he or she was important, and your opinion of his or her art**

Okkkaaayyy People. Long time ago, there was this guy who eventually became an artist. This person's name is Tiziano Vecelli and this guy's participation in art is his technique of painting with a brush. His technique was just thick and dramatic strokes. He was important to Italy because he contributed to art and-- yeah......
My opinion towards his art is that it's looks like real and I feel weird because it shows naked women.  <----- This is an example...
   <---- (and) This is my reaction.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How The English Language Was Developed


                                English had the most weirdest adventure to become what it is now.

First Adventure: There as Britain flicks off the Romans with the term "Up your Seizer" as they left in 410 A.D. When the Romans left, 2 or in fact 3 more types of people came. There was the Angles and the Saxons during 450 A.D then the Jutes came over and joined the party. As the Romans left, they left a few of their Latin roots behind which were basically used for everyday use. Later on, the Christians started to use the roots and create new words and THEN the Vikings came and dropped off new words such as "give" and "take".

***Fact: 4 of the days starting from Tuesday were named after 4 gods of the Angles.***

Second Adventure: William the Conqueror conquered England and added French words to the mix. Do to this ingredient, we ended up with the words: "judge", "jury", "evidence", "justice" and etc. Latin was still used at this time,  but mostly it was used at church. English helped people to communicate but much SLOWLY so the other person is able to understand. Later on they had a war against France and sooner than later English took over.

Third Adventure: Shakespeare the famous play writer used English in his plays. In fact he created 2000 more words to add to the English language. He came with many words including alligator when he couldn't find anything to rhyme with crocodile. Alligator wasn't the end for his amazing words he also came up with phrases that are used (sometimes) in daily life.

Fourth Adventure: A team of scribes decided to create a book that is called the Bible. In the Bible holds the language of English. The Bible was suppose to enlighten one's mind and during church preachers preach. Because of the King James Bible, metaphors were invented and joined along with phrases in the English language.

Fifth Adventure: English was used for science as well so they were able to communicate and become less bored in the classes. The scientist later got curious of the human body that made them create the words "cardiac", "tonsil", "ovary", "sterner", "penis" and "vagina".            


             But to sum it up all these words were later made into a dictionary that took 9 years to write. 

                                                          BYEEEEE PEOPLE !!!!!! :3